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Hello. My name is Shannon Kendall. I am a Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer. I am looking to build upon my expertise as a coder and my passion for problem solving.

Recently, I have worked with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and other skills to manage and coordinate the design and marketing for multiple brands. This includes logo and identity design. I have worked within teams overseeing professionals from initiation to completion, creating and maintaining multiple websites.

Click through my site for my most recent code as a Developer from my boot camp at Georgia Tech and contact me at your leisure.

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Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse

What is it? Exquisite Corpse. Exquisite corpse, also know as exquisite cadaver (from the original French term cadavre exquis), is a method by which a collection of images or words is collectiveley assembled from various users.

Exquisite Corpse

The application uses Google Authentication to login/verify the user. Once the user logins, they can either create a new story or add to an existing story.

HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap/ Handlebars/API, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/ Google Authentication, Node.js/Express, SQL/Sequelize, Node (dotenv, express, express-handlebars, mysql2, sequelize), Heroku

Google Books

Google Books Search-
A React MERN app

Google Books Search - React MERN

A fully functional MERN application. Setup using React deployed through Heroku. Search your favorite Books and save them into a Mongo DB for later reading.

React Clicky Game
Nick Memory Game

React Clicky Game

React Clicky Game

A Clicky game presented through the React Dom, comprised of React Components.

Produces HTML and CSS. Test your memory with popular loony toons and nick cartoons.

Buddy Friend Finder

Buddy Locator -
Friend Finder

Buddy Locator

Uses a simple ten question survey to match people with friends. Uses NPM, Express, Firebase, Javascript and AJAX Calls.

This APP was uploaded to Heroku.

Burger Time

A burger logger that uses MySQL, Node, Express, Handlebars and homemade ORM, Yum!

Burger Time

Logs burgers, follows an MVC design pattern, uses MySQL, Node, Express, Handlebars and ORM

Hosted on Heroku. Create a burger and log / eat a burger.

Cubs Trivia Game
Chicago Cubs

Javascript and Stop Timers in a Cubs Trivia Game.

Cubs Trivia Game

A Cubs trivia game using JavaScript for the logic and jQuery to manipulate HTML.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, and a Stop Timer (Countdown timer).

Fun project for a team I love. The GIF's are from GIPHY.

College Football Gifs
Florida Gators

API Calls, JS and JQuery - College Football Gifs.

College Football Gifs

Pick your favorite college football team and add GIF's using an API. Call the GIPHY API and use JavaScript and jQuery to change the HTML of your site.

GIPHY API to make a dynamic web page that populates with gifs of your choice.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, GIPHY API

Train Scheduler
Chicago Commuter Train

Train Scheduler and Firebase Database Work.

Train Scheduler

Created a train schedule application that incorporates Firebase to host arrival and departure data.

Retrieved and manipulated information with Moment.js

This website provides up-to-date information about various trains, namely their arrival times and how many minutes remain until they arrive at their station.

Arcade Hangman Game

Hangman game showing off Javascript skills.

Hangman Game

A arcade hangman word-guess game. Guess your favorite video arcade games from the 80's.

This app runs in the browser and features dynamically updated HTML and CSS powered by your JavaScript code.

Lirikendall Bot
LiriKendall Bot

Applicaiton using a terminal like siri.

Lirikendall Bot

Application using a terminal like siri to find movies, concerts and songs on your app.

CLI App, API CALL -Spotify & OMDB, NPM, JavaScript, Moment, DotENV, Node and Javascript.

LIRI is a node app that takes in parameters and gives you back data.

Crystal Game
Red Crystal

Fun game highlighting a use of Jquery.

Crystal Game

When the player clicks on a crystal, it will add a specific amount of points to the player's total score.

The player wins if their total score matches the random number from the beginning of the game.

The app is dynamically updated on an HTML page with a JQuery library.

Creative Design
UX / UI Design
Front End Development
Back End Development
System Engineering